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On April 28th, 2017 we journey to the desert oasis of Amonkhet, a realm where warriors are forged by the mysterious Trials of the Five Gods. Brave adventurers from far and wide travel to test their speed, cunning and strength in the dangerous and deadly challenges of the Trials of the Five Gods, but few are worthy enough to rise above the competition and and claim a place of honour in the afterlife.

Amonkhet is the latest expansion set for the ever-popular Magic the Gathering Trading Card Game. Continuing the tale of the Gatewatch and their quest to protect the planes of the Magic the Gathering multiverse from great evil, Gideon and co are led to the mysterious desert world of Amonkhet, ruled over by the evil dragon tyrant, Nicol Bolas. Gideon, Liliana, Nissa and the other members of the Gatewatch have triumphed over the monstrous Eldrazi titans, saved Zendikar and Innistrad from destruction, successfully led a rebellion against the authoritarian Consulate on Kaladesh and thwarted the nefarious machinations of the metal mage Tezzeret, but will they meet their match when they come up against the most powerful Planeswalker in the known multiverse, Nicol Bolas?

A Sneak Peek at Amonkhet

While not a great deal is currently known about what to expect from the Amonkhet set, more information should become available as we draw closer to the official April 28th release date. Wizards of the Coast did offer a quick glimpse of the set in February though, showing off the packaging of the Amonkhet product range as well as announcing the return of full-art basic lands! These beautiful full-art land cards show off Amonkhet in all its glory, although as can clearly be seen from the arching horns in the background of each card, the presence of the evil Nicol Bolas is never far away!

Amonkhet Full Art Lands 

Amonkhet full-art lands will appear approximately one in every four booster packs, so they're quite a bit rarer than the Zendikar full-art lands from the Battle for Zendikar block. They all feature absolutely stunning artwork and are sure to be highly sought-after collector's items, especially in foil for player's who like to bling out their decks!

Amonkhet Products

The Amonkhet product range looks resplendent with it's yellow and golden hues, signifying the scorching sun, golden sands and the glorious riches of Amonkhet. There are five different booster pack artworks, each featuring as of yet unnamed character from the Amonkhet set. The booster pack artwork really highlights the Ancient Egyptian themed style that Wizards of the Coast have aimed for in Amonkhet and it's likely that we'll see plenty of cards featuring Sphinxes, Jackals, Crocodiles and Undead!

Amonkhet Booster Packs

Of course, Amonkhet will also featured the entire range of sealed product we've come to expect from each new Magic the Gathering set release. Amonkhet Booster Packs and Booster Boxes will release alongside the Amonkhet Bundle, two Amonkhet Planeswalker Decks (featuring Gideon and Liliana)  and an Amonkhet Deck Builder's Toolkit. Remember, Amonkhet full-art basic lands will appear roughly one in every four booster packs and Wizards of the Coast have announced that the Amonkhet Bundle will be no different, with 25% of its lands being the full-art versions! Will this lead to a scramble for Amonkhet Bundles in the same way we saw with the Battle for Zendikar Fat Packs? Probably not, as all the lands in the Battle for Zendikar Fat Packs were full-art, but this does add some extra collectable value to an Amonkhet Bundle which will make them a bit more of a worthwhile buy for those of you looking to collect the Amonkhet full-art rares.

As always, you can pre-order the entire range of Amonkhet products here at for special low pre-order prices. Keep your eyes peeled for more information on Amonkhet as we draw closer to the April release date!

Amonkhet: April 28th, 2017. Rise Among the Worthy.

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